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Defending Yourself From Drug Charges

Even if you consider your drug charge a victimless crime, South Dakota courts do not take these charges lightly. A conviction for a drug crime can keep you from gaining employment, housing and student loans. With so much at stake in your case, it only makes sense that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for your best interests.

I am D. Sonny Walter. I have been defending clients against their drug crimes and other criminal charges for more than 30 years. I provide my clients with skilled and judgment-free representation. My only goal in my clients’ cases is protecting their futures, and I utilize everything in my power to help defend their rights and freedoms.

Standing Against All Types Of Drug Charges

While many states have begun to take a more relaxed stance toward marijuana, South Dakota has not done so. Having it in your possession can still result in criminal charges, and having too much with you can land you with intent to distribute charges as well. These charges can result in thousands of dollars in fines and time in prison.

I can also help defend you from charges involving more serious drugs, such as LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. I explore all options for overcoming criminal charges, including scrutinizing police actions, questioning the integrity of evidence involved, negotiating for reduced charges and penalties, and fighting to win your case in court.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Future

If you are facing drug charges – even if it is your first offense – do not make the mistake of hoping for a slap on the wrist or getting a plea deal on your own. Let me stand for you in and out of court to pursue the outcome you deserve in your case. Call my firm, D. Sonny Walter, Attorney At Law, at 605-450-6182 or email my office here to schedule your initial consultation with me today.